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Only the light that comes from Christ and the Gospel will make us truly happy. Elder Baker loves to sing, plays every instrument known to man, and he knows spanish really well.


So this week after the Conference with the zone leaders, we all went to this park of crazy water fountains with President his family, the office and all the zone leaders! Here are some of the picture. They have a really nice home. Not much else happened this week.

At first we would receive only a few words in Hungarian, but with the last letter, we wrote out his testimony, all in Hungarian. I know that companionships are inspired of God because we really work well together. I don't really have that much to write today.

I think I have the intinerary. I hope that all is going well with you back home. Doctrine and Covenants When he was praying today he thanked the Lord for our companionship that we could each emulate one another strengths and help each other with our weaknesses.

I'll will also be going from left to right, back to front. Abinadi who was willing to preach and stand up for that he believed in even though death was right in front of him. I would recommend getting in some sort of shape before you head out for the mission.

I feel bad for the other elders here because a lot of them are really struggling so I'm doing my best to help them out: I just want to reemphasize what I said in my talk that whenever you work your hardest, obey the rules, and trust in the Lord you will be blessed and you can't go wrong: After that, you may continue to use Dearelder.

Elder Kyle Lane

I still remember my first days here. Spencer is working very hard to learn the language, and as you know, the Hungarian language is very difficult. But lately we have been talking a lot with him about sacrifice and the blessings he is missing Well I gotta go but I sure love you all and mom I really appreciated your letter and email: Even if you see through the Duck Syndrome and make the right judgment in grading yourself in relation to them, it comes to no good.

And I am going home. Paige Hanny, Riley Salmon,? I absolutely love it here! Yeah, it's going to be fun to have the Edgrens so close.

Elder David Nguyen

Elder McGhie ps mom there is an email from president on here with like 20 pics from the water park, feel free to download em I already had them downloaded before I read this, we never know when we are going to get an email from him anymore so I get on his and check all the time and sometimes I find fun things like pictures from his mission President or calendars for the year, fun things like that!!Or you could go on, go on the righthand side, click on Pouch, select Chile Vina del Mar, and write me a letter for free:) If you want the actual mission address, contact my family:) Love you all!!

Elder David Nguyen is serving a 2 year volunteer mission teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Vietnamese language in the Cambodia Phnom Penh Mission. He reports to the Provo, Utah Missionary Training Center on August 15, and will serve for a period of two years. Write a letter: You can write Elder Monson: [email protected] He would also love to get Dear Elders!

He receives them every pday in the mission field. Go to and choose Guatemala City South Mission. Letter Address. May 11,  · Dear Elder Letter Service Mission" drop-down menu on the right hand side of the website, and choose 'Argentina Buenos Aires West' then click the 'Write a Letter' button underneath the drop-down menu.

You may set up an account if you wish, but it is not necessary. First Week in Argentina Buenos Aires West. Then click on "Write a letter." The Church only mails pouch letters once a week, and the DearElder deadline is by Sunday at midnight to make that week's mailing.

You can use the Church's "POUCH" service that allows you to send a either postcard or a letter written on one side of a single sheet of paper, tri-folded, taped closed, and stamped.

Jun 24,  · Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission Posted by Natali Thompson at PM. Write an Online Letter.; mis-sion-ary, (noun) someone who leaves their family. for two years so that others may be with their families for Eternity.

Tuxtla Gutiérrez Mission. Alma

Dearelder com write a letter
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